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Opal Engagement Rings

Opals are widely regarded to be among the most beautiful and magical gemstones. In an engagement ring, an opal exudes romance and mystery. Breathtakingly unique, opals are a rare choice for an engagement piece, but are all the more special for their rarity.   Traditionally, opals are believed to have special, sacred powers. Ancients considered [...]

Aquamarine Engagement Rings thumbnail

The aquamarine is an elegant, pale stone with a subtle blue colour. Aquamarine engagement rings have long been a popular choice for couples seeking an understated stone that works well in a variety of different settings. With a distinctive beauty of its own, an aquamarine engagement piece is an extraordinarily sophisticated and timeless choice.   [...]

Moonstone Engagement Rings

Unique, soulful and enigmatic, a moonstone is a non-traditional alternative to the more conventional diamond engagement ring. Though the moonstone doesn’t have the same sparkle as a diamond, it does have a beautiful and mysterious translucence of its own. Moonstone engagement rings are an ideal choice if your partner is creative and artistic, or simply [...]

Peridot Engagement Rings

Deeply enchanting and richly coloured, peridot engagement rings are both durable and eye-catching. With their distinct electric green tone, peridot engagement rings are an excellent choice for a bride who wants a dramatic yet delicate stone.   The traditional beliefs and superstitions that surround peridot stones are usually associated with safety and protection. The peridot [...]

Amethyst Engagement Rings

Unusual, dramatic and undeniably eye-catching, amethyst engagement rings are unlike any other. With its rich purple tones, the amethyst is a violet variety of quartz that is highlighted beautifully in jewellery. Elegant and seductive, an amethyst ring is an extraordinary, unique choice for your proposal.   The word “amethyst” is Greek, and can be translated [...]

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

When you are proposing to the love of your life, you want to impress her with the most attractive engagement ring. One of the best options is the special tanzanite engagement rings. These rings are designed to send the right message to your love showing her that she is very rare and special to you. This [...]

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Enigmatic and opaque, black diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for couples looking for an engagement piece that is dramatic, yet elegant and refined. In recent years black diamond engagement rings have soared in popularity, offering a variation on the customary white diamond engagement rings, and attracting the attention of many women who are [...]

Sapphire Engagement Rings

In November 2010, the announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton brought sapphire engagement rings back into the public eye. Kate Middleton’s 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold and surrounded by 14 white diamonds is one of the most famous rings in the world. Originally chosen by Lady Diana Spencer when [...]